Monday, 3 February 2014

Opportunities to Write for Young Performers

written by Toksvig

We're always looking for new ways to create opportunities for musical theatre writers, and right now we're interested in finding out how many of you write shows for young people to perform.

If you've ever written anything specifically for performers under the age of 21, it would be great if you'd drop us a quick line to let us know about it, so we can gauge how many people might be interested in this area of writing.

It would be useful to have a bit of info: what kind of shows, and who has performed them, and whether or not you've had anything published in this area.

Even if you've never done it, but you'd like to do it, and just don't know how to get going, please get in touch by email: writers (at) acompletelossforwords (dot) com so we can get in touch.

Spread the word! There is great potential for writers to create their own opportunities in this area, and we'd like to find ways to help you do that.

(See also this blog post: Notes on Writing for Young Performers)

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