Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Seeing Red (a tribal theatre-making project)

written by Toksvig

NB: this isn't a Larder project. See below for the appropriate contact info.

January 2014

A collective of creative artists are informally gathering into a tribe to create a new site-specific piece of live performance.

Inspired by the moment that Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf meet, this physical, musical work will take place in Nunhead Cemetery.

It is being collectively created using open space technology, a process through which a large group of people can self-organise around a primary collective goal.

We are a group of playful, collaborative performers, designers, directors, photographers, knitters, singers, musicians, stage managers, writers, composers, film-makers, sculptors, painters, puppeteers, imaginers, inventors.

Currently, we meet one Sunday a month, and at other times we talk through ideas in a Facebook group. Participants don't have to show up every time: just when they can, and they want to.

You might consider participating if you're an inherently collaborative artist, and you're interested in one or more of the following:

- collective / tribal theatre-making
- making work in open space
- site-specific theatre
- physical theatre
- telling stories with music and song
- how fund-raising for a collective project can work
- Red Riding Hood or The Wolf
- improvisation
- outdoor theatrical design
- puppetry, esp. shadow
- projection / film used in live theatre
- crafting
- being a performer in this, but you have no time to engage with a theatre project right now
- something else which is personal to you that we haven't thought of putting on this list

To find out more about getting involved, contact Jenifer Toksvig and Alan Sharpington via redandthewolf (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

NB: although the performances will take place in London, you don't have to be in London - or even in England - to engage with this project.

Compatibility Cabaret

written by Toksvig

Here's a great new way to engage with musical theatre songs... and with other members of the audience, too! NB: This isn't a Larder event. Please contact CONNECT PRODUCTIONS directly, as below. 

Compatibility Cabaret
7.30pm Tuesday 28th January

at The Proud Archivist

2-10 Hertford Road, London N1 5SH

Tickets £15

Further information and bookings via Eventbrite:


Be the first to experience an exciting new blend of cabaret and speed dating. Compatibility Cabaret is a new way to meet singles under optimum conditions to find your most compatible matches. Be entertained by an evening's cabaret sung by our four charming hosts, interspersed with a new variation on speed dating.

Inspired by research into the nature of compatibility, our new format is designed to reveal who you have the most in common with in the room. As you move around the space in response to our survey questions, you'll organically spend the most time with your most compatible dating matches and potential new friends. Every now and then  you'll get more of a chance to chat get to know these most compatible matches, enjoy a drink and some cabaret together; with the opportunity to exchange contact details with your most compatible prospects at the end of the evening.

Our hosts - celebrated musical theatre talents Dougal Irvine, Tamar Broadbent, Gary Albert Hughes & Emma Salvo - will seduce you with their  comic and romantic songs of 21st century relationships, ideally heard while sipping something relaxing from The Proud Archivist's stylish bar.

Our new format takes the pressure off you, replacing the usual dating dynamics with a journey revealing those with whom you have most in common. Rather than paying £30 for an evening of cabaret, or £30 to attend a speed dating event, we've combined the two for the same price - and for this preview tickets are half price at just £15.

We recommend arriving early to enjoy some food or a drink at The Proud Archivist's bar. Tickets are non-refundable. Limited capacity - advance booking required.

Your quest: to find the most compatible individuals in the room, then explore the chemistry. Our aim: to make it as comfortable and easy as possible to do so - and seduce you with songs along the way!

This particular evening of Compatibility Cabaret is primarily targeted at the 20-45 age group; future evenings will be focused on gay and lesbian attendees and other age ranges. If you have further questions, or would like to sign up to be informed of future Compatibility Cabaret evenings, please contact us at:

connectproductionslondon (at) gmail (dot) com