Thursday, 18 July 2013

How we can help you

written by Toksvig

The Writing Process

I’ve been looking at the kind of support available to musical theatre writers, and wondering what kinds of things The Larder can offer that will best support the process of making a musical.

There are already showcase opportunities out there, and producers who want to help hook up shows with productions, but I’m talking about the fundamental process of making a show, from the very beginning.

Here are three ways in which we’re currently offering support for the earliest stages of making a musical.

Creative Counselling

Once you’ve decided on something with a realistic goal, you’ll start sketching out the story in the way you want to tell it.

This step isn’t just about outlining the show, it’s about beginning a new relationship. You might have a single process by which you create all your work, and that’s fantastic, but even then, this is still a new story.

Before you think about what the opening number should be, you might want to look more closely at the broad decisions you made at the Ideas stage.

How are you connecting with this story, how are you presenting it? What choices are you making as a storyteller?

Before you even write an outline, think about a Creative Counselling session, and spend an hour considering how you want to make this story yours to tell, bouncing ideas off someone who can be objective for you.

The First Reading

Now you’ve sketched out a rough draft. It probably feels like a massive accomplishment. And it is.

And now you have to change it.

As part of The Larder, in support of new writing, The Copenhagen Interpretation are now offering First Readings.

As a group of performers and writers, we have many years of experience ‘cold’ reading very early drafts, offering broad and supportive constructive critique on the aspects of the show that will be most useful when moving into a second draft, and avoiding the very detailed critique that isn’t helpful at an early stage.

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