Friday, 24 May 2013

London Gathering for Independent Producers

written by Toksvig

As part of a continuing mission to be less lonely and eat more cake, The Copenhagen Interpretation have decided it would be fun to have a gathering of…

Independent Producers of New Musicals!

(Which we’re hashtagging #IndieProds on our Twitter feed @AnotherNibble)

It's happening on

Sunday June 30th at 4pm (teatime)

at a lovely place in Covent Garden. It might go on for a few hours, I guess.

In order to come along, there are three things you must do:

  1. Be available and willing
  2. Email your name and, if you like, a very brief bit about you / your company. Which I will email out beforehand, to make introductions faster on the day. 
  3. Bring cake*
Get in touch for the rest of the info, and to be added to the list:

indieprods (at)

*Cake is optional. But recommended.

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